Teachers at Durban school “loc

Teachers at Durban school “lock themselves in classrooms” as pupils protest alleged racial abuse

When will this end?

Teachers at Durban school “loc

The George Campbell School of Technology in Durban is facing tough allegations and heavy protest action from learners. Black learners claim that they were called monkeys by teachers at the school.

Racism at George Campbell School of Technology?

IOL spoke to Andreas Mathios, the liaison and media officer from Blue Security. Mathios said that the protest had become violent on Friday but police were in attendance and controlling the situation. Teachers were forced to find ways to protect students and themselves.

“Teachers have locked themselves and pupils in classrooms and rioters are hammering and breaking doors,” said Mathios

On Thursday George Campbell learners told the Daily news that they had been called the K word. One learner even said that a teacher had laughed when asked why they called them monkeys.

Kwazi Mthetwa, the Kwazulu-Natal Department of Education spokesperson said that the department will certainly take the required action against those found guilty of racially victimising pupils.

The school is closed for the rest of Friday but social media has been abuzz over yet another racist incident at a South African school.