cape town taxi war violence latest

Photo: City of Cape Town

Taxi violence: No further incidents reported as commuters remain stranded

Cape Town law enforcement agencies remain on high alert despite no further incidents of taxi violence having been reported since Monday.

cape town taxi war violence latest

Photo: City of Cape Town

After taxi violence engulfed Cape Town over the past week, the City has reported that no incidents have been reported on Tuesday resulting from the relentless war between taxi operators in the metro. 

Despite this positive update from the city of Cape Town, commuters remain hamstrung for transport options, with very few taxis operating and bus services still being escorted along routes that have been identified as hotspots for violent actions linked to the taxi war. 

Cape Town law enforcement monitoring taxi war  

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith, said in a statement on Wednesday that after numerous shooting incidents on Monday, there has been no further violence as law enforcement agencies remain on high alert. 

“Feedback from the City’s Safety and Security morning meeting is that there have been no incidents of taxi violence reported this morning,” he said. “Very few taxis are operating, and ranks and PTIs are fairly quiet.”

Smith said that City law enforcement services are maintaining a presence at all affected taxi ranks and PTIs, with officers conducting vehicle checks, searching for firearms and ensuring that those taxis that are operating on Wednesday are doing so legally.

“Our primary objective remains public safety, but this is a shared responsibility and we ask the public to report any information to our Public Emergency Communication Centre,” he said. 

City warns against spreading fake news  

Smith urged the public to refrain from sharing false information related to the taxi disputes on social media, saying that dozens of social media posts containing misinformation have been widely spread.

“The City also reminds residents to please desist from sharing voice notes and messages on instant messaging of social media, unless they have witnessed an incident personally or have first-hand information,” he said. 

“We have witnessed an increase in the sharing of misinformation in recent days, which further fuels tensions and anxiety around the situation. The City will share verified information on its social media channels or with the media, should the need arise.”