Taxi driver smashes motorist's window in road rage incident

Image via @Abramjee Twitter

Watch: Brazen taxi driver smashes motorist’s window in road rage incident 

A man, said to be a taxi driver, can be seen smashing a motorist’s windshield in Sinoville, Pretoria.

Taxi driver smashes motorist's window in road rage incident

Image via @Abramjee Twitter

In a video posted to Twitter by Yusuf Abramjee on Monday 9 March, a man, believed to be a taxi driver, can be seen viciously smashing another motorist’s windshield

Thereafter, he proceeds to kick and hit the front bumper of the vehicle. All while the motorist is screaming, trying to prevent the taxi driver from damaging her vehicle. 

It is unclear why the incident broke out in the first place. However, the man doesn’t seem to be angry with the female motorist herself.

Watch: Taxi driver smashes motorist’s window 

Here’s what can be seen in the video 

In a video that is just 12 seconds long, a man can be seen with an object that appears to be a golf club and which he smashes into a female motorist’s windshield. One can hear the lady’s screams in the background.  

It looks as though he is walking away, but then returns to knock the front bumper with the golf club. The woman screams, “No, no!”, and pushes him away. He then walks back to his taxi and the video ends. 

The caption of the video says the taxi driver was arrested but it couldn’t have been shortly after the incident, as the man is wearing different clothes in the images that were taken.

In the video, the man is wearing a striped T-shirt with beige pants. However, the image, which shows his alleged arrest, shows him wearing a different striped T-shirt with navy blue pants.

This points to the fact that the man could have been arrested at a later stage after police perhaps had to track the taxi down. 

The woman in the video surely had enough time to take down the number plate of the taxi as it was parked right in front of her vehicle. 

Here’s how you should respond to road rage   

According to, this is how you can avoid situations involving aggressive drivers:

  • If possible and safe, move to the left and let the other driver pass you;
  • If you are faced with aggressive behaviour, stay calm;
  • Avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver, in this case, the taxi driver, so as not to exacerbate the situation;
  • Do not respond to provocative words or actions;
  • Do not respond with disrespectful words or actions;
  • Do what you can to avoid conflict;
  • If an aggressive person like the taxi driver in this case, leaves his vehicle and heads toward you, remain in your vehicle, make sure the windows are shut and doors locked;
  • Avoid arguing with the aggressive driver, looking at the person or making provocative gestures;
  • Leave the area and go to a place where you can get help;
  • Do not go home if the aggressive driver is following you;
  • If you’re in traffic and can’t drive away, pick up your cell phone and show the person you are calling the police;
  • If the person doesn’t back off, honk your horn to attract the attention of other drivers; and 
  • Note the make of the other driver’s car and their license plate.