Civil Unrest tax revolt

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A glum year ahead? ‘Tax revolts, civil unrest’ predicted for South Africa

No tax, no law, no order? The SONA Debate has inflamed passions this week, and one political leader believes South Africa is on the verge of ‘civil unrest’.

Civil Unrest tax revolt

Photo: Unsplash

The SONA Debate has been bitter. We’ve had Julius Malema call for the removal of Cyril Ramaphosa from, and John Steenhuisen even channeled The Beatles to call the president a ‘Nowhere Man‘. However, the FF Plus also made a bid to steal the headlines – with a set of gloomy predictions about civil unrest and tax revolts for the year ahead.

The FF Plus sharpen their knives for Cyril Ramaphosa

Pieter Groenewald is the leader of the minority party. After a successful 2019 Election campaign, the FF Plus has been able to amplify its voice louder in Parliament – something it wasn’t afraid to do on Tuesday. Groenewald also grilled Ramaphosa about rumours he’d issue a pardon for Jacob Zuma: An issue that would be wracked with legal roadblocks.

However, the FF Plus aren’t renowned for having a great deal of patience with the ANC. Their criticism of the ruling party has been loud and consistent for the best part of the 21st Century. Even so, it’s rare that Groenewald strikes a tone this morbid. The political outsider believes that mass demonstrations of civil disobedience are on the horizon.

‘Civil unrest, tax revolt’ predicted by Groenewald

He used his SONA Debate speech to forecast an impending tax revolt, as citizens of Mzansi finally reach their tether in regards to government corruption. Groenewald also believes ‘draconian lockdown measures’ will spark more riots and protests in public spaces – something we’ve already seen with the Muizenberg beach protests.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC are busy pushing civil revolt against state abuses to boiling point and he must take note that it will not be tolerated much longer. The issue of corruption and former President Jacob Zuma is but one aspect of it. Yes, a jail cell is the only space that Zuma needs to ‘think things over’…”

“But billions of rand have been stolen from taxpayers, from multiple sources. And the public has had enough. If taxes are increased with the upcoming budget, the government should expect a tax revolt. The public is no longer willing to pay taxes to a government that allows their money to be stolen and squandered – as we saw with the COVID-19 emergency fund.”

“The draconian and irrational regulations imposed due to the pandemic also promote civil disobedience, similar to what happened with e-tolls. The government itself is fuelling civil revolt, and a boiling point will soon be reached.”