Surprise: Our Public Enterpris

Surprise: Our Public Enterprise minister has been implicated in the Gupta mine scandal

Could this potentially be ANOTHER captured minister?

Surprise: Our Public Enterpris

You probably haven’t heard of the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism but they are a shining light in the South African media industry. The group keep uncovering corrupt political dealings, they have uncovered many of the Gupta’s dodgy dealings so far.

Thursday morning saw the group make another massive announcement, they reported on EWN that Public Enterprises minister Lynne Brown had misled parliament. That might not sound like the biggest offence but wait till you hear the context.

In parliament, Brown was asked if Eskom had signed any contracts with Trillian Capital Partners, who just happened to be a financial services company owned by Gupta associate Salim Essa. It has been implied that Trillian assisted the Guptas with funding for the purchase of Glencore owned coal mine Optimum. The catch? ( one of many) Optimum was allegedly forced out of business by Eskom CEO Brian Molefe and chairman Ben Ngubane, all so the Gupta’s Tegeta could buy it.

amaBhungane says that while Trillian has no formal stake in Tegeta Essa owned Company, Elgasolve, became a 21.5% shareholder in Tegeta. Brown was asked in December if Trilian had concluded any contacts with Eskom, Brown responded “none”.

By that stage “Trillian or its subsidiary companies had already invoiced Eskom for R266- million.”  The R266 million were apparently among a series of payments that ended up at Tegeta to “help” it pay the whopping R2.15 billion needed to buy Optimum coal mine.

As Minister of Public Enterprises, one would imagine that Brown knew about those deals, surely?  Captured or ignorant? Or maybe Eskom kept things so well hidden from her? Either way, this does not look good for Lynne Brown.