Steve Tshwete’s son: ANC today is not the ANC my father fought for

Struggle veteran Steve Tshwete’s son has written a scathig letter about why he left the ANC to join the DA.


The son of ANC veteran Steve Tshwete has joined the Democratic Alliance (DA) and has published a scathing letter on the Rand Daily Mail.

Lindela Tshwete says he was dissatisfied with the ANC and that the party had lost its core aloes. Tshwete is running for a DA seat on the Cape Town city council in the upcoming local government elections.

He believes the DA is “serious about change” and a party that was “prepared to take South Africa forward”.

He also lists the following reasons:

I decided to join the DA because I see it as the future of uniting all South Africans.
I joined the DA because I believe it will change South Africa in a meaningful way for all.
I joined the DA because I believe, under the party, the South African government will be accountable to the people and ensure that the country moves forward with regards to the economy, education, health and redress.
I joined the DA because under it, everybody is given a fair chance to improve themselves.
I joined the DA because I care deeply about South Africa and its people.
I joined the DA because our country is crying out for change, and the DA is ready to answer that cry.

His step mother, Pam Tshwete, told the Sunday Times that the family was “sad and disappointed” by his decision.