Stellenbosch University sets u

Stellenbosch University sets up fund to further academic work in Xhosa

Maties yesterday announced that they’ll be establishing a fund of R150 000 for the academic development of Xhosa and Afrikaans.

Stellenbosch University sets u

The prize, awarded for academic research done and published in either Xhosa or Afrikaans is co-sponsored by Naspers and will be awarded every year to both an Afrikaans and Xhosa research project.

“A key component of the University’s language policy is that the institution accepts responsibility for the promotion of Xhosa as an academic language and language of social interaction judiciously,” Maties Rector and Vice-Chancellor Wim de Villiers told News24.

Stellenbosch University has, in the past, been accused of being racially exclusive. Accusations Maties has fought on every occasion.