Stats SA: Wholesale trade sales. Image:

Stats SA: Wholesale trade sales. Image:

Stats SA: Wholesale trade sales decreased by 5,4% in June

Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels category brought an increase in the second quarter.

Stats SA: Wholesale trade sales. Image:

Stats SA: Wholesale trade sales. Image:

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) recently published its monthly data on the performance of the wholesale trade sale sector, and a decline in financial performance was perceived.

The wholesale sector experienced a decline

The statistics prove that wholesale trade sales experienced an overall decrease of 5,4% in June 2019 compared to June 2018.

In a turn of events, the second quarter of 2019 produced a slight increase in wholesale trade sales. These numbers were recorded for the last three months in the second quarter. The wholesale trade sales at current prices increased by 5,9% in the second quarter of 2019, compared to the second quarter of 2018.

What do the numbers say?

This increase is brought by the rise in dealers of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels which, in turn, gave rise to the sale of related products.

The data further proves that this category contributed a total of R 133 918, between April 2018 and June 2019. This amount brings it to a 9,7% increase in its’ category, and a 2,2% contribution to the overall increase brought to the sector during the respective months.

The household goods, machinery, and equipment categories helped in the increase in the second quarter too.

Every number counts in the increase of the second quarter in wholesale

The household goods category brought in a total of R72 695, this amount then leads to a 6,5% contribution that later adds 0,8% to the overall sector brought in by this category.

The machinery, equipment and supplies category was also one of the categories that aided in the overall increase. This category brought in a total of R72 417, which in turn translates to 5,3% that helps in bringing 0,7% to the overall sector brought in by this category.

What was the worst number in the wholesale category?

In the category of dealers in precious stones, jewellery and silverware, a decline of 26,3% occurred and this contributed to the -1,0% shown in the overall data.

Judging the data on the last three months of the second quarter, this category made a total of R15 893, accumulating -6,3%. Between April and June 2018, this category ushered in R16 966, which translated to a healthy 3,2% for the grouping.

The purpose of this survey was to keep account of the monthly wholesale trade sales, that appraises the gross domestic product (GDP) and its components. The GDP then monitors the state of the economy, and the survey helps in the formulation of economic policy. These statistics further serve as analysis for industry performances of each category in the sector.