Norma Mngoma gigaba state capture commission inquiry zondo security threat guptas

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State Capture Inquiry: Security concerns halt Norma Mngoma grilling

Zondo adjourned Norma Mngoma’s testimony when it was announced that there were ‘serious security concerns’ at the State Capture Commission.

Norma Mngoma gigaba state capture commission inquiry zondo security threat guptas

Photo: Screenshot

Dramatic scenes unfolded at the State Capture Commission on Thursday 20 May, with a second round of testimony by former government Minister Malusi Gigaba’s estranged wife, Norma Mngoma, brought to an abrupt halt as word filtered into the chambers that there were “security” concerns. 

Mngoma had been responding to further questions about knowledge she has of her husband’s dubious relationship with the Gupta family, and stood by her prior claims that Gigaba had had met with them “frequently” and that he was under pressure to follow their instructions. She called Gigaba’s testimony in which he denied her claims as “blatant lies’.

Norma Mngoma testimony resumes 

After clarifying aspects of her original affidavit submitted to the State Capture Commission and its Chair, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, Mngoma began to further outline some of the irregular activities conducted by Gigaba during his tenures in government. She insisted that the former Home Affairs and Finance Minister had visited the Gupta home “around 20 times” since 2011, saying that she knew this because he either told her he was heading over to Saxonwold or she herself had joined him. 

Her scandalous claims from her first grilling by the commission resurfaced, with Mngoma insisting that Gigaba had frequently left the Gupta compound armed with a bag of cash. She said directly after a Gupta visit, Gigaba took cash out of a big bag that had come from their home and put it into his smaller man-bag.

She went on to say that she had seen Gigaba take cash out of a bag given to him at Gupta home and give it to his bodyguards to pay for his suits. Mngoma said that this happened on two occasions

‘Security concern’ brings hearing to abrupt end  

Just as things were getting juicy, Zondo was forced to adjourn the hearing for five minutes when Evidence Leader, advocate Anton Myburgh, said: “DCJ, I’m told that we have at adjourn very urgently. It’s apparently a protector-related issue.”

The chamber was swiftly evacuated, before council returned and decided to continue the session in the morning. 

Mngoma is set to return to the Commission tomorrow at 9:00 to continue her testimony, with her estranged spouse Gigaba also expected to testify later the same day.