ramaphosa state capture inquiry zondo

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Zondo asks for ‘final inquiry extension’ – to grill Cyril and SIX vital witnesses

The State Capture Inquiry is heading into extra time, again. DCJ Zondo has a few more key witnesses – and a whole president – left to question.

ramaphosa state capture inquiry zondo

Photo: Twitter

It would appear we are entering the very last chapter of the State Capture Inquiry. Although Raymond Zondo was expected to wrap up his three-year Commission this month, time has once again run out for the DCJ, and proceedings are due to run over their ‘end of June’ deadline. The panel, however, is confident they’ll get an extension.

How long will the State Capture Inquiry be extended for?

Zondo and his colleagues are now angling for a three-month extension, and it would very likely be the last one of the lot. An application has been submitted to the High Court, and it’s anticipated that the Commission will publish its final report – on everything that has taken place since August 2018 – by September 2021.

“The Commission still needs a few more days to hear such evidence from our witnesses, and therefore, the State Capture Inquiry has submitted an application to the high court for an extension of time from the end of June up to the end of September. The preparation of a final report should be complete by the end of August.” | SCI statement

Zondo explains ‘vital witnesses’ still need to give evidence

The end of the State Capture Inquiry is, therefore, only a few months away. Once the report is published, it will make it much easier to prosecute those implicated – including the Gupta brothers. Extradition treaties have been ratified between South Africa and the UAE, where the architects of government corruption are residing.

Completing this report would provide a solid body of evidence that can be used to bring them back to our shores in the name of justice. Furthermore, DCJ Zondo explained that ‘five or six more witnesses’ were still due to give crucial evidence – and there’s the small matter of President Ramaphosa’s outstanding testimony to resolve.

“During the period where the Commission was not sitting at the beginning of June, they had time to carefully look at some matters relating to certain evidence and resolved that it’s important to continue with certain evidence.”

“The Commission must still continue to hear the evidence of other five or six implicated witnesses – including the evidence of Cyril Ramaphosa in his capacity and the leader of the ANC and the President of South Africa.”