home grown dagga marijuana when to harvest

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Springbok drug bust: Pair nabbed with dagga worth R2-million

The pair is expected to apply for bail when they appear in court, on Wednesday.

home grown dagga marijuana when to harvest

Photo: Unsplash

Law enforcement officers in Springbok, Northern Cape, have arrested two suspects found with dagga estimated to be worth R2-million in the illicit drug market.

How Springbok police pounced on the suspected dealers

In a statement, police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, revealed that a tip-off about a large amount of dagga making its way to Cape Town was all they needed to gather the troops for a drug bust operation.

Leading from the frontlines, the Springbok Visible Policing Unit was assisted by members of the K9 unit, the Namaqua Public Order Policing unit and the Springbok Criminal Records and Crime Scene Management Team.

On Friday, 18 October, at around 01:00, the task team intercepted a bus that was travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Here’s how much dagga was seized

Upon searching the bus’ luggage compartment, a suspicious bag stood out. Inside, police found what they were looking for, 15kg of hybrid dagga that has an estimated street value of R2-million.

Two suspects, a man and a female, were immediately placed under arrest and charged with attempting to traffick drugs. The pair is expected to appear before the Springbok Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, 23 October, where they are expected to apply for bail.

Commander for the Namaqua Cluster, Colonel Albie Kotze lauded the SAPS members for a stellar job.

Together we are creating a safe and secure environment, that is conducive for social and economic stability, supporting a better life for all,” Kotze said.

Cannabis legislation in South Africa

The confusion around dagga legislation in South Africa has been a subject of debate. What people do not understand is that the unregulated use and/or distribution of large quantities of dagga constitutes a criminal offence.

While the government is still in a transitional period with regards to the legislation of dagga in South Africa, people found in possession of more than 115 grams of the plant are prosecuted under the Drug and Drug Trafficking Act of 1992.

If found guilty, the two suspects can expect to spend a maximum of 12 years behind bars.