Photo: Boksburg SPCA

SPCA dog shot while saving Benoni family in a horrific house invasion

Hero dog Kei attacked and chased one of the armed robbers into the kitchen, where he opened fire and shot her in the face.


Photo: Boksburg SPCA

A young crossed Malinois dog named Kei was recently hailed a hero after she was shot while saving her adopted family in a horrific house invasion in Benoni.


The family’s other dog, Biewer Yorkie Holly, was shot and killed while also protecting the family.

The Boksburg SPCA said Kei was adopted by the Lamont family last year.

“In the early morning hours of the 3rd October, two armed robbers broke into the Lamont’s home in Lakefield Benoni.

“The intruders made their way upstairs to where the family was sleeping. One intruder entered the main bedroom where a terrifying shoot-out took place, and he was shot dead.”

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It said the second intruder entered the eldest daughter’s bedroom, gun in hand, not knowing that Kei was also on the bed, watching over her best friend.

“Kei recognised danger immediately and flew across the room before the intruder could get through the door, attacking him with a force he wasn’t expecting.

“The intruder retreated into the hall and down the stairs leaving a trail of blood behind him. As he was fleeing, he shot and killed the family’s Biewer Yorkie Holly, who, as small as what she was, gave her life to protect her family.”

Photo: Boksburg SPCA

The SPCA said Kei chased the intruder down the stairs and into the kitchen, where he opened fire and shot her through the face, which left Kei wounded and stunned, giving him time to escape.

“Kei knew she had to get help and, despite her injuries, made her way out the gate to alert a neighbour she knew well. Surveillance footage shows her pacing up and down the gate, trying to get help.

“She couldn’t bark because one of the bullets had shattered her jaw. With no luck, she ran down to the lake, a place she’s familiar with, looking for help.”

Photo: SPCA

According to media reports, the other armed robber was shot and killed during the attack by Warren Lamont.

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Meanwhile, inside the Lamont home, the family was franticly searched for Kei became frantic, and they drove out into the streets looking for her.

“Forty minutes later, they found her lying on the grass by the water. The owners contacted the Boksburg SPCA, who attended the scene immediately and assisted the Lamont family.

“Kei was rushed to an after-hour vet where they stabilized her and gave her plenty of morphine. Things didn’t look good for Kei.”

Later that morning, Kei was x-rayed.

“It was found that the bullet had entered the side of her nose, shattered two top molars, severely injured her tongue, and broken her jaw. Surgery was done a little later to repair the tongue and bullet wounds.”

Photo: SPCA

The SPCA said the damage is quite severe. Her tongue will need further treatment, and more fragments of the bullet were found in her jaw bone.

She recently had to undergo major surgery.

The Boksburg SPCA will be presenting Kei with an award for heroism as soon as she’s better.

“Kei protected her family because she felt loved and was not simply placed in the back yard for “security” like so many dogs in this country are. This is a beautiful example of how an unwanted, crossbreed, SPCA animal can go from “zero to hero”.

“There are thousands of dogs just like Kei sitting in SPCAs around the country, waiting to be adopted. Look after your, pets, and we promise they’ll look after you!”