Cape Town fires arson evacuated

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Cape Town fires: SPCA raises funds to help injured animals

The SPCA is raising funds to assist animals such as dassies, grysbok and porcupines that were injured in the Cape Town fire.

Cape Town fires arson evacuated

Photo: BMB_Publishing

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is raising funds to assist animals that were injured in the Cape Town fire. They started a back-a-buddy campaign to purchase cool packs and various items to help any animals that were hurt during the blaze.

SPCA inspectors are currently stationed at the disaster operation centre to help injured animals that were found in the aftermath of the veld fire. The same fire that destroyed valuable parts of the University of Cape Town (UCT) campus.


“It is too dangerous for us to enter the area right now so we are monitoring the periphery for any animals fleeing the flames and we are deeply concerned for those who may be trapped in the inferno as well as those injured which we are unable to reach. As soon as we can, we will be combing the fire-ravaged area for any injured animals who will be brought back to our short-term wildlife care facility for treatment.”

Meanwhile a video has emerged of a tortoise, affected by the veld fire, receiving water to drink.


On its Facebook page, the SPCA had some good news. The feral cat colony roaming around the UCT campus has not been affected.

“People have asked about the UCT feral cat colony, all those cats are in good health. They were unaffected.”

The SPCA said they are hoping to help preserve animal’s lives with its back-a-buddy campaign.

“With this campaign, we are hoping to save animals’ lives and help preserve Cape Town’s wildlife. The area is rife with dassies, birdlife, porcupines, tortoises, grysbok, snakes, frogs and many other species who will need our help. We need you to help us raise funds to reach the animals in need of help, and to purchase the following items for injured animals: dry and wet dressings, cool packs, silbecor ointment, bandages and fresh fruit or vegetables.”


There will be drop-off points for donations at all the Absolute Pets stores across the city for the remainder of the week. Anyone who would like to donate towards the animals affected in the fire can drop off donations at the following Absolute Pets stores:

  • Flamingo Square
  • Welgemoed
  • Cape Gate
  • Gardens
  • Cavendish
  • Constantia

Or alternatively, to make a cash donation, follow this link: []

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