South Sudan

South African troops fire at the SAPS in border altercation

Four people, including two SAPS members were almost killed by SANDF soldiers in what turns out to be another case of mistaken identity on the border.

South Sudan

The police, along with two anti-hijacking guys were on the rail of a group of four heavily armed hijackers who had stolen a truck and a bakkie near Hluhluwe, when they came into firing range of border security soldiers.

According to the South African Vehicle Security Director, Thinus Schoeman, the soldiers opened fire on the police even though their sirens were on and emergency lights were flashing – blue and red lights flashing in the dark are pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say?

“It was clear they shot to kill. The vehicles were about 200m from the border fence when the soldiers opened fire, firing over 40 rounds.”

The hijackers, on the other hand, drove straight past a border army post without so much as a shot being fired or anyone noticing them, and escaped across the border.

“Our guys never knew what hit them. Four bullets went through the front windscreen. Four destroyed the engine, while another eight hit the tyres. As the driver tried to help his colleague, who was injured by shrapnel, the soldiers again opened fire on them. The policemen were pinned down behind their bakkie,” said Schoeman.

Once they had stopped firing at the SAPS vehicle, a military police officer disarmed and arrested the police officers, who were driving a marked police vehicle, were in full uniform and had their SAPS appointment documents on them.

The four ‘suspects’ were finally released once a senior army officer intervened.

Via TimesLive