Lauren Dickason timaru

Lauren Dickason’s triple murder trial will be held in Christchurch. Photo: Facebook

Lauren Dickason, accused of killing her daughters, to rely on insanity defence

Lauren Dickason, accused of murdering her three young daughters in New Zealand, appeared in the High Court in Christchurch for the first time.

Lauren Dickason timaru

Lauren Dickason’s triple murder trial will be held in Christchurch. Photo: Facebook

As the trial draws near, Lauren Dickason, the South African doctor accused of murdering her three young daughters, made her first appearance in the High Court in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, 2 June.

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Defence Strategy Revealed

The shocking alleged triple murder of twins Maya and Karla, aged two, and Karla, 6, took place on 16 September 2021, approximately a week after the Dickason family moved into a house in Timaru.

According to Stuff NZ, Dickason’s lawyer, Kerryn Beaton, confirmed the accused would rely on an insanity and infanticide defence.

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According to the publication, to satisfy the infanticide defence, it must be shown that mental disturbance was a direct result of childbirth.

The trial is expected to begin on 17 July. Graham Dickason, the father, who found the children’s bodies, is expected to be called back to New Zealand to give evidence. He reportedly returned to South Africa in November 2021.

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Graham to be called to give evidence

The State reportedly applied for Dickason to testify via an audiovisual link from South Africa, but the defence was opposed to it.

Friday’s appearance was Dickason’s first court appearance since she first appeared two days after the alleged murders. She’s been excused from all other hearings since.

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Her managing clinician previously said it would be detrimental to expose her to court, which was the basis for the excusal.

Dickason remains in custody at a psychiatric unit at Hillmorton Hospital. Suppression orders on the details of the alleged murders remain in place. Media applications to take photographs of the accused on Friday were also refused.