South African firefighters lea

South African firefighters leave for Canada to fight McMurray wildfire [pictures]

The crew began the almost 16,000-kilometre journey from Johannesburg Sunday morning.

South African firefighters lea

You might have heard last week that South Africa is sending a big group of firefighters to assist Canada with a raging fire.

fire fighters 2

The firefighters left South Africa over the weekend. Fire Information Officer Travis Fairweather said the firefighters making their way to Alberta are from all over South Africa.

fire fighters 3

“They do that to make sure they maintain even balance so they don’t take too many out of one area and leave them too depleted on resources,” said Fairweather.

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A large group of the South African firefighters come through a program in their country called “Working On Fire.” The program was set up over a decade ago and is designed to give young people in that country a job, pulling them out of poverty.

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Around 2,300 firefighters are currently battling the wildfire. Firefighters have been flown in from across Canada and the U.S