Homeless man cape town rajan

Photo: Facebook

Watch: Tears all round as homeless man in Cape Town given R10 000

Rajah Brigmohun was down to his last R9 – and then something miraculous happened: A philanthropist chose to give R10 000 to the homeless man.

Homeless man cape town rajan

Photo: Facebook

You’d have to possess a heart of stone not to be moved by this: A homeless man in Cape Town was brought to tears by an act of incredible generosity this week, after a philanthropist gave him a full complement of groceries and R10 000.

Tears on the street as homeless Cape Town man given life-changing amount of money

As part of Capitec’s #MakeADifference campaign, Bi Phakathi and musician K.O handed over the money to Rajah Brigmohun – who had fallen upon extremely hard times in the past few years.

The former Durban resident lost his job, after suffering an accident at a fishing company he used to work for. Damage to his hands and legs rendered him dispensible to the business, and shortly after, his wife died of colon cancer.

He had come to Cape Town in search of more opportunities, but alas, Brigmohun was down to his last R9 and had become excluded from the job market. That’s unti Phakathi and K.O found him in Cape Town, anyway.

#MakeADifference campaign comes to the rescue of Rajah Brigmohun

The video shows the pair approaching Brigmohun, and stopping for a chat with him. They listen to his heartbreaking story, and offer their sympathies. However, words turn into actions when they reveal the true intentions of this encounter. He is told that he will be receiving R10 000, and is given some cash in hand – as well as a basket of groceries.

As one would expect, the homeless citizen was overcome by emotion, and gave the strangers a warm embrace. Brigmohun was reduced to tears by the charitable act, and vowed to use the money to return to Durban and open a spaza shop. Fair play to the bloke, his desperation to get working again is second to none…

Watch: Homeless man in Cape Town GIFTED R10 000