CIT robbery

Photo: Emer-G-Med

CIT robbery: Two policemen suffer gun wounds in Mpumalanga

It’s just another CIT robbery in Mzansi. This time two officers were hit with gunshots in Mpumalanga’s Witbank.

CIT robbery

Photo: Emer-G-Med

The latest CIT robbery has left two policemen and two security guards shot near Witbank, Mpumalanga on Saturday.


According to the report, the violent incident happened on the N4 when two Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicles attacked a Fidelity cash van.

The van was escorted by two South African Police (SAPS) bakkies but the suspects were not to be discouraged.

One C-Class crashed into the Fidelity cash van which then overturned. The second attacking car attempted the same move on the cops’ bakkie but failed.

“A shootout ensued after that between the guards and some of the suspects, while the others [suspects] bombed the cash van,” police spokesperson Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said.

“Two guards were injured in the process.”


The shooting scene grew to resemble somewhat of a warzone. In addition to the Fidelity van, two SAPS bakkies, the attackers’ two Benz vehicles, a team of Middelburg’s Flying Squad came into the action after they were patrolling around the area.

“Upon arrival, they were ambushed by another group of suspects driving in a Mazda iX35 as well as shot, injuring two officers in the process, however, one escaped unharmed.

“The suspects then fled in a grey Audi and Hyundai ix35,” Mohlala added.

The SAPS report concluded that a 44-year-old suspect was arrested with a large possession of cash stolen from the crime scene.

Additionally, the injured policemen and Fidelity guards were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, in another recent heist in Rustenburg, local residents ran to pick up cash from a robbed burning van.

The cash truck was seen blown up nearly into two after a maroon old school Mercedes Benz crashed into the front of the van before the bombing. Scores of locals then helped themselves to the cash that was left all over the shattered truck.