parents bully

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Parents ‘expel’ 17-year-old Grade 7 learner accused of bullying learners and teachers

The parents of John Marubini Primary have expelled a learner accused of bullying. The pupil reportedly became disruptive after failing.

parents bully

Photo: Pixabay

The parents of a school in Limpopo have allegedly expelled a Grade 7 learner accused of bullying his fellow learners and even his teachers.  They said the teenager was a troublemaker and was no longer welcome on school property.


According to SABC News, the incident took place at John Marubini Primary School in Phiphidi village outside Thohoyandou.

The 17-year-old learner reportedly failed Grade 7 and allegedly resorted to bullying learners and teachers and being disruptive. He demanded to be put over into Grade 8, according to the report.

The aggrieved parents of John Marubini said they do not want the learner at the school anymore and he has subsequently been banned from entering the school premises.

The parents stressed that his “expulsion” was for the safety of the other learners.

“We have taken a decision to expel the learner for the safety of other learners because he was a trouble maker… even if they release him from custody he won’t come back here, we don’t want him anymore…

“Because he has been banned from entering this premise. He will not learn here because he is a hooligan.. We expelled him because we don’t want him anymore…” said a parent to the SABC.

The SABC said the Limpopo Department of Education is yet to comment on the situation.