President Cyril Ramaphosa will not be on ‘Podcast And Chill’. Photo: GCIS/flickr

South Africa: Today’s latest news and headlines, Monday 12 July 2021

In the latest news in South Africa on Monday 12 July 2021, lockdown Level 4 has been extended by 14 days, but there is a sliver of good news…


President Cyril Ramaphosa will not be on ‘Podcast And Chill’. Photo: GCIS/flickr

We’ve got the latest news happening in South Africa on Monday 12 July. Here are the stories making headlines across the country.

What a weekend it has been. Violent and destructive protests in KwaZulu-Natal have spread to Gauteng. Protestors are demanding the release of former president Jacob Zuma from prison.

Meanwhile, South Africans will also have to cope with at least 14 more days of adjusted level 4 lockdown, after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced an extension on Sunday 11 July.


Level 4 EXTENDED: Ramaphosa confirms 14 more days – here’s what has changed

It’s the decision that millions have feared the most. President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended Level 4 restrictions on Sunday evening for another 14 days, until 26 July 2021. This comes as the third wave of COVID-19 infections pummels provinces, and violent protests in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in retaliation for the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma threaten to derail economic activity.

“In deciding to introduce these additional measures, Cabinet followed scientific advice provided by the Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 and deliberations of the National Coronavirus Command Council,” Ramaphosa said on Sunday. “Cabinet after consultation with the provinces has decided to maintain the country at Adjusted Alert Level 4 for another 14 days.”

Sale of alcohol STILL banned under lockdown level 4

The sale of alcohol remains prohibited for onsite and offsite consumption as the country remains in lockdown level 4 for the next two weeks.

President Cyril Ramaphosa was addressing the nation on developments in the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunday night.

During his address, Ramaphosa said the ban on the sale of alcohol helps reduce motor vehicle accidents and frees up much needed space in emergency wards of health facilities.

“We know that restrictions on alcohol sales reduce the number of admissions at hospitals and emergency rooms with alcohol-related trauma, such as motor vehicle accidents and interpersonal violence. Reducing alcohol harm frees up much-needed capacity in our health facilities to deal with COVID-19 cases.

“Alcohol abuse is also associated with gatherings and non-adherence to public health regulations. At the same time, we know and recognise the vital contribution of the alcohol industry to our economy. Ultimately, the most important measures to limit transmission are those that are within our individual control.”

‘Miracle’: Newborn baby dumped in bin rescued by homeless Durban man

Paramedics have hailed a homeless citizen for his quick reactions after he discovered an abandoned newborn baby in a dumpster. The shocking find was reported in South Beach, Durban, and a rapid intervention helped save this girl’s life.

The miracle infant, born just hours beforehand, still had an umbilical cord attached to her. While the homeless fellow was in the process of ‘dumpster diving’, he immediately altered the authorities – who had no time to spare.

The girl was stablised at the scene, and now remains in hospital for further care. She was described as being in ‘good spirits’ by the first responders, and the process to find her a suitable living arrangement will begin shortly.

Gauteng protests: Ramaphosa given 3 days to release Zuma from prison

Ukhozi FM former presenter and radio personality, Ngizwe Mchunu has given President Cyril Ramaphosa three days to release former president Jacob Zuma from jail or “all hell will break lose”. Mchunu was addressing scores of Zuma supporters in KwaMai-Mai in Johannesburg, Gauteng on Sunday.

It looks like the sporadic pro-Zuma protests that hit KwaZulu-Natal on Friday and Saturday have also spread to several parts of Gauteng. These protests have also been reported in areas including Malvern, Jeppestown, Denver, Wynberg and the Johannesburg CBD where some businesses have been looted. 

The radio personality was addressing Zuma supporters who gathered in Kwa Mai Mai.

“I fear what is going to happen in this country if our President is not released from prison within 3 days, starting from today (Sunday). Cyril Ramaphosa, Judge Raymond Zondo, the time for the meetings you are holding is over, release Zuma from prison, or hell will break lose,” Mchunu said.

WATCH: ‘We’ll fight to get my father out of prison’ – Duduzane Zuma

As former president Jacob Zuma ends his first weekend behind bars, his son Duduzane once again has tongues wagging. Zuma Jr. is speaking out, vowing to fight to get the former president out of prison, while also launching a scathing attack, presumably on the government and African National Congress (ANC).

In a video clip originally shared on Instagram, Duduzane bemoans his father’s incarceration and says there’s more happening in the country that his sole arrest will not solve.

“You think you’re locking up an individual that is a being on his own, that’s not the case. You’re locking up someone that carries a light for people, you’re locking up someone that is the embodiment of what coming from nothing and becoming somebody in life is about,” he said.

“You’ve tried to kill him and you’ve forced him to resign, which he did, he’s minding his own business and you continue hounding him. You’ve charged him but you haven’t followed the due processes as much as you claim that you have when it comes to the judiciary, unfortunately,”

Duduzane Zuma

Brrrr! ‘Level 4 snow warning’ in place for several regions of SA

Blimey, it’s not often we see one of these – but a Level 4 snow warning has been issued for a number of areas in the west of the country, with yet another severe cold front set to make landfall on Monday 12 July.

The Cape provinces have been battered by adverse weather conditions since the onset of winter, with floods and damaging winds causing problems throughout the past few weeks. However, this latest blast of icy conditions could bring ‘up to 15cm of snow’ with it – forcing the SA Weather Service to issue the following alert:

“This cold front will cause gale-force winds and significant wave heights between Cape Columbine and Cape Agulhas. Very cold conditions are also expected to set in on Monday and Tuesday, with daytime temperatures plummeting to below 10C.”

“These are the areas where there is a possibility of snowfalls which may be as deep as 5 to 15 cm, over the western mountains in the Western Cape, as well as on the southern high ground of the Northern Cape. These conditions may lead to a loss of vulnerable livestock and crops, particularly on Monday.” | SAWS statement

ANC suspends yet another member over ‘inflammatory speech’ in Nkandla

The ANC has temporarily suspended its Mpumalanga leader Michael “Ngrayi” Ngwenya over “inflammatory speeches” made outside former president Jacob Zuma’s homestead in Nkandla, KZN on 2 and 3 July.

Ngwenya is the former ANC Regional Chairperson and is from Nkomazi in Mpumalanga. This week, MKMVA spokesperson and Zuma ally, Carl Niehaus was also suspended for the same reason. He was then arrested live on television and was released later on the same day.

In a letter addressed to Ngwenya, the ANC said his behaviour brought the party into disrepute, especially considering the fact that he wore an ANC T-shirt bearing the ANC logo.


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