Easter safe driving tips New driving rules

Drive safe this Easter weekend. Image: Flickr

SA motorists: New strict driving rules and points system coming in July

The Aarto structure will go beyond fines, motorists will face a demerit points system that could cost you your driver’s license.

Easter safe driving tips New driving rules

Drive safe this Easter weekend. Image: Flickr

The new driving rules introduction is near, as The South African first reported last year after the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act was launched.


According to the latest update, the new structure is expected to take full effect in July 2022, since it was first heard of in the final quarter of 2021.

So what are the new driving rules in simple language to the man in the street? It is the Aarto system that fines motorists and fleet operators after they have broken traffic laws or infringements.

The system will utilise demerit points that could lead to the suspension or cancellation of licences, professional driving permits or operator cards.


As it was suggested by the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA), the new driving rules system is not a sudden introduction.

Phase 1 began in the second half of last year until the spring, before the second phase introduction was rolled out until the end of 2021.

“Phase 1, from July to September 2021, has seen the RTIA increase its national footprint through the implementation of seven (7) AARTO service outlets and online services such as the AARTO website and deployment of the AARTO mobile application,” RTIA said.

“Phase 2 in the period between October and December 2021 will witness the proclamation of the AARTO Act 46, of 1998 as amended in 67 Local and Metropolitan Municipal Areas coming online with the AARTO process.

“This is accompanied by the appointment of the independent Appeals Tribunal and the introduction of electronic service of documents. Implementation partners in the AARTO value chain are all on board as the preparations for the full-scale national rollout are intensifying.”

Image: Businesstech

Below is a table that shows how the costs of breaking the new driving rules by price and demerit points:

Image: RTIA

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