south africa good news

Facebook / Waterstone Village

South Africa has got good news: Here’s what you missed

This is the South Africa we know and love.

south africa good news

Facebook / Waterstone Village

Believe it or not but South Africa does have good news. It may not appear to be so when one turns on the news because the image of our country its largely viewed through the lens of our political landscape.

There isn’t anything more toxic in our society than politics. They drive the narrative of perceived racial divisions and exploit the poor. In all of that, we, the media, are compelled to report on it as it forms part of our current affairs.

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However, what we neglect is the large proportion of society that actually does good. Not only that, but we fail to shed light on the majority of South Africans who have, for a long time, embraced change and learned how to share this beautiful land.

This is why we will take the time to shed light on these South Africans who have displayed the true meaning of what it means to be proudly South African.

Meet Andries Monare, the Waterstone Village hero

Andries Monare, as reported by Good Things Guy, is a security guard at Waterstone Village, a local shopping centre in Helderberg, Western Cape.

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Monare was recently celebrated for saving the life of a child. If it wasn’t for the security guard’s vigilance and sheer bravery, we would have been reporting on a more harrowing story.

Monare, according to witnesses, pounced on the suspect before he could plunge the knife he had into the child’s chest. Everyone else was oblivious to this but Monare. For that, the local community and the shopping centre honoured him with the Excellence in Service award.

“We are just thankful that no harm was caused to the child and we keep the parents in our prayers. The perpetrator will appear in Court again on the 23rd January 2019. Thank you, Andries, for being our Hero” Waterstone Village wrote in a statement.

We need more Monares in South Africa to help law enforcement keep South Africa safe!

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Betty’s Bay boys thank firefighters for their hardwork in dousing fires

Life has not been the same since the Overstrand fires ripped through neighbourhoods, burning through velds and damaging property. In an extreme case, the fires are said to be responsible for the murder of one Betty’s Bay resident, who succumbed to the toxic smoke she inhaled.

Firefighters from the district have collaborated with neighbouring fire and rescue service agencies to kill the wildfire. One of the pilots, Zayin Vermaak, who works for Kishugu Working on Fire, spotted two boys holding up placards that read “Thank You“.

This touched Vermaak who took to Facebook to share the video he had just captured.

“Our job is demanding, and generally in difficult conditions, but over and above putting out fires there is always huge satisfaction in the human factor of helping protect people and their homes. The appreciation shown by the two awesome kids and their ‘Thank you’ sign makes it all worthwhile!” Vermaak stated in a Good Things Guy article

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It’s really the little things that count for people who work everyday to save lives, asking for nothing in return. Watch the video that was captured by Louida Watkins below.

This Grade R teacher uses personal handshakes to connect with her class

At a time when South Africa needed it the most, this Grade R teacher from Paarl Boys’ Primary School trended for all the right reasons.

Racism in school has divided the coutnry this past week, so it is refreshing to see teachers like Miss Zuleka, using personalised handshakes to interact with her diverse classroom.

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More on this story can be read here but we just want to share this adorable video without saying too much to ruin the moment.