Sol and MacG

Sol and MacG were convinced Arthur was not being genuine when he cried in a viral clip. Image via Instagram @solphenduka/ @athurmafokate/@macgunleashed

‘He didn’t cry, he wished he cried’: Sol and MacG troll Arthur

The Podcast and Chill hosts were not convinced Arthur Mafokate was genuinely crying in an interview video that went viral.

Sol and MacG

Sol and MacG were convinced Arthur was not being genuine when he cried in a viral clip. Image via Instagram @solphenduka/ @athurmafokate/@macgunleashed

The Podcast and Chill hosts roasted the living hell out of Arthur Mafokate yesterday, 24 January. Sol and MacG busted jokes about Arthur’s tell-all interview meltdown that failed to “land” with viewers. The popular podcast hosts believed the Haai Bo hitmaker was crying crocodile tears during the interview conducted by Danny Mdluli.


Arthur Mafokate, Terry Pheto and Presley Chweneyagae are just some of the names implicated in the National Lotteries Commission fraud allegations, The South African reported.

Arthur attempted to clear his name and did an interview on the show Set The Record Straight.

But after a few rounds of questions by the interviewer, the Yu Make Me Go Mmmm hitmaker broke down and cried.

The show was not popular amongst netizens before they interviewed the musician-turned-businessman who made their latest episode go viral.


After watching the segment, the Podcast and Chill guys were in good spirits and had a field day with Arthur’s public meltdown.

In the latest episode of Podcast and Chill, MacG asked whether anyone had watched Arthur crying in a trending interview.

In amusement, Sol responded, “He didn’t cry, he wished he cried.”

The hosts laughed and agreed that the musician did not actually cry but desperately wanted and needed to cry in the interview to gain sympathy from viewers.

MacG then invited Arthur to pull through as a guest on the show and said,

“Hey Arthur, it doesn’t land if it’s not on Podcast and Chill. Come through. You have got to “come home.”

Like-minded Sol agreed with his co-host and pulled out a mic from under a desk before adding that he had already reserved a chair for the musician.

MacG took his trolling one step further and referred to a familiar celerity who also wept during his interview and went viral. MacG joked and said that Arthur’s team probably advised him to cry and that the conversation probably went:

“If it worked for Malinga, it will work for you. Just go there and cry, chief.”

The podcast hosts then played back the clip from Arthur’s interview and as a collective, the Podcast and Chill guys took turns roasting Arthur by doing voiceover impersonations on what they believed the Mnike hitmaker was thinking during his viral meltdown.

MacG started and said,

“So here, here is trying to think of something that happened. Then he bends over. He is like, ‘I can’t, I can’t, guys, I can’t…They are like no, keep trying. Think about Chommie – no, it’s not working. Think about Cici! No, let’s not go there.'”

Sol added his two cents in the roast as they watched the interview and jokingly said,

“He was like tapping into something like losing your granny or something.”

Sol and MacG
Arthur Mafokate wanted to set the record straight concerning fraud allegations and wept in a tell-all interview. Image via Instagram @arthurmafokate


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