snow south africa

Snow chasers cost KZN farmers thousands in damages

Might be nice for snow chasers, it’s a nightmare for farmers.

snow south africa

Unless you’ve been under a rock for these last few days, you’ve probably seen or heard that many parts of South Africa have had heavy snowfall.

In case you have missed it, here are some pictures.

While all is idyllic in the pictures, the snowfall is giving some farmers headaches.  East Coast Radio reports that a farmer who owns around 10km of land on Lower Loteni Road has been left frustrated by snow chasers illegally entering her property.

ECR reports:

Marezelda Breet who owns the Sussex, Collegiate, Poplar Grove and White Rocks Farms says she had to call police after getting into an argument WITH SNOW CHASERS.

“Yesterday alone on a small 10km stretch we found nine or ten places were things were broken and there were like 200 people THERE,” SHE SAID.

Breet says that this problem occurs every year. Snow Report SA CEO Rob Ansell told ECR that they are inundated with calls this weekend from angry farmers unhappy about the situation. Some farmers even report that snow chasers leave gates open and let livestock wander out.