Watch best smartphones under R3,000 in South Africa video

Here is a list of smartphones that cost less than R3,000 in South Africa. Photo: TCL/ Supplied

Smartphone charging mistakes harming health of your battery

One of the surprising hacks is that a phone case for your smartphone can actually cause harm to your battery health.

Watch best smartphones under R3,000 in South Africa video

Here is a list of smartphones that cost less than R3,000 in South Africa. Photo: TCL/ Supplied

A smartphone has become an essential part of one’s daily life and keeping the battery full is a priority for most of us. Yet your smartphone battery may start to show signs of decline much earlier in its lifespan than you’d expect.


Common mistakes people make when charging their devices may lead to shorter battery life or the phone not charging as quickly as it should. 

There are many outdated ideas about how to treat a smartphone that go back to the days when batteries were typically based on nickel rather than lithium. TCL looks at some mistakes people make when charging their smartphones and provides tips about maximising your battery.

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1.      Letting the battery run completely flat  

It used to be good for your battery’s life to let the battery deplete completely and deep charge it each time. But with modern smartphones, it’s better for it to let the phone run down to somewhere around 20% before charging it.

2.      Charging your phone to 100% each time

Charging the cell phone to 100% seems like the best way to get optimal use from your device. But charging it to 100% each time may reduce its lifespan. Every battery lasts for a precise number of charge cycles. If you always charge your phone to 100%, you’ll hit this limit sooner. It’s better to keep your battery charged between 20% and 80% most times.

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3.      Overcharging your battery

Many people like to plug their smartphone in to charge overnight and forget about it. Although modern smartphones have overcharge protection, it’s still not great for your device or power bill to do this. This is because the phone will inevitably keep losing and restoring a bit of power while it’s plugged in—potentially reducing its lifespan.

4.      Using your phone while it’s charging

There are differing opinions about whether it’s okay to use your phone while it’s charging. Some manufacturers advise their customers that it’s not a problem. But some experts say using your phone while it’s charging can cause the charging speed to drop. It also heats the battery up, which can be bad for its longevity.


5.      Leaving the phone in its case while it charges

A phone case is a great way to protect your phone and personalise it with a splash of colour. But keeping the case on while your phone is charging could harm it over the longer term. It traps heat while your phone is charging, which could be bad for battery health.

6.      Using cheap cables and chargers

A cheap third-party cable and adapter that isn’t designed for your device could harm the lifespan of your battery. Choose an official charger from your manufacturer or get one from a reputable third-party charger manufacturer.