Sitting all day can have a harmful effect on your health. Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

Limited pool of professionals makes these FOUR jobs in demand in SA

There are four IT-related jobs that are increasingly in demand in SA with a small pool of professionals in each area.


Sitting all day can have a harmful effect on your health. Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

Head of People in DevOps Practice at Altron Systems Integration Margaret Pekelaar revealed some information about the small pool of professionals in an area of work in SA.

Cyber security and cloud migration are fields to look into

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the landscape in business – while cyber security and cloud migration are more urgent than it has ever been. Pekelaar explained that employers are finding it hard to fill gaps in the IT skills area with demand currently exceeding supply.

With rising emigration and remote work, Pekelaar explained that the situation has been further exacerbated. She explained that it is important that the country grows its own IT skills. This will assist companies in expanding their operations as well as meeting customer expectations.

“Employers are increasingly willing to consider talent with non-traditional backgrounds for IT-related jobs because they recognise that the job market is changing and skills can transfer from one discipline to another,”

Pekelaar said.

What are the four in-demand jobs in SA?

These are currently the most sought after IT professionals in SA:

Anything Cloud

Cloud engineers who are responsible for cloud workloads such as managing planning, monitoring and architecting are in-demand. Cloud developers, cloud migration engineers with a knack for understanding cloud and infrastructure components and software engineers with a specialisation in cloud computing are in-demand.

DevOps Engineers

According to BusinessTech, DevOps Engineers are responsible for implementing processes and tools that are needed to balance software through the development cycle – from coding to deployment.

Data Engineers

Data engineers, according to TechTarget, have the primary job of preparing data for analytical or operational uses. They integrate, consolidate, structure and cleanse data for use in analytics applications.

Java Developers

Times of India describes a Java developer as a specialised programmer. It reports that they collaborate with software engineers and web developers in order to integrate Java into websites, applications and software.

These SEVEN regions of SA could soon get their own ‘Gautrain network’

In other news, the National Rail Policy White Paper was officially made public this week, outlining the government’s plans to fix South Africa’s broken train network. One of the proposals, however, entertains the idea of bringing the Gautrain system to other parts of the country.

The ‘Regional Rapid Transit’ system weights up the practicalities of introducing high-speed rail networks, which dash from city-to-city. The policy wants to build a rail system that can run fast services, on routes that stretch for ‘a few hundred kilometres’.

Government advisors believe that the success of the Gautrain rollout can be replicated outside of the Gauteng province. In total, SEVEN regions have been punted for a high-speed rail network – three of which would rely on the existing infrastructure. Read the full story here.