Siki's coffee

Credit: Thundafund/ Siki’s

Cape coffee genius brings in the backers with crowdfunding dream project [video]

One coffee connoisseur has already built a name for himself in the local industry. Now, he wants to achieve something beneficial for everyone (who likes coffee).

Siki's coffee

Credit: Thundafund/ Siki’s

With coffee arguably being one of the most important things in any South African’s life,  a good barista has become at least a once a day visit. While coffee spots are normally seen as more “Urban” and not always that affordable, one Khayelitsha man has already begun to change things.

Siki’s coffee: From dream to (almost) reality

Sikelela (Siki) Dibela is the founder of Siki’s Koffee Kafe. A rather delightful spot situated in the Khayelitsha area of Cape Town. The spot began in 2016 after he converted the garage at his mother’s house into the Siki’s shop.

Packed full of ambition, his goal is to unite people through their love of coffee, therefore creating a “coffee culture”.

After gaining invaluable experience for several years as a barista for Vida (from dishwasher to store manager), Siki was able to create his own brand of coffee –  ‘Siki’s unique blend’.

The blend consists of African beans from Kenya, Ethiopia as well as Burundi. The beans are then roasted by the United States trained Mzukisis Xhati.

Siki is currently looking for crowdfunding on Thundafund as he looks to achieve his dream of “taking coffee to the people” and bringing that traffic back to his location.

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So far, the project has been a massive success and has already seen R15,710 pledged so far. The project needs a minimum total amount of R30 000 before 7 September for the project to be funded. The dream goal is set at R90 000.

The money is required as Siki would need to buy a portable coffee machine and a vehicle to attend the various markets and events.

If you’re doubting just how good Siki is, don’t. The guy was chosen to travel to London to train staff in their Vida store that was about to open.

“After opening Siki’s, he spent many lonely days with few people coming to the shop, but as time progressed more young people in Khayelitsha started supporting his business. Word soon spread about the amazing coffee and service and Siki’s has now become the new hotspot that attracts both locals and tourists to Cape Town,” the project reads.

You can still help Siki achieve his dreams and even get something in return. By making certain donations, you will qualify for things like Barista classes from Siki or even having him at an event of your choosing.

To donate and read more about this coffee genius, be sure to check out the Thundafund project here.