Shocking footage of police vio

Shocking footage of police violence in Zim emerges [video]

As protests against the mismanaged of Zimbabwe continues in the country, footage has emerged of police torturing citizens. Warning: might upset sensitive viewers.

Shocking footage of police vio

Zimbabwe is currently locked in protests as citizens are taking action against a dictatorial regime that is running the country into the ground. Civil servants were paid last month and the country is running out of money.

As a result, mass protest and strike action is being encouraged on social media. Last week, a one-day stay away was organised that led to the complete shutdown of schools, businesses and shops across the country. It was the biggest strike action since 2005. Citizens are encouraging similar action this week with a two-day shutdown play for 13 and 14 July. The protest action led to Whatsapp being blocked in the country last week, although the government denies that it had anything to do with it.

Now a video has emerged showing gross violence by police against protestors in Epworth where there had been anti-government demonstrations days earlier.


In the video, a woman is seen and heard crying in pain as riot police smash the soles of her feet. The video will load below, just be patient.

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This form of torture, known as “Falanga” was a method used by pro-Zanu-PF security officials, mostly around election time from 2000. Several opposition activists have been disabled by falanga.

A human rights activist has said that she will be sending the footage to the United Nations.

“Zimbabwe police have disgraced themselves, again. And the UN should not use them any more,” she was quoted as saying by IOL.