So you won the lotto, and now?

So you won the lotto, and now? Graphic: Tasnim Langry

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So you won the lotto, and now? Lotto winners want to stay rich and spend lavishly . . . how to keep the money, forever and ever!

So you won the lotto, and now?

So you won the lotto, and now? Graphic: Tasnim Langry

Anyone who has made a couple of millions in any currency can tell you the best way to keep up is to keep quiet!

The LOTTO has made millionaires of some of the most fascinating people from bin collectors to beggars and some already rich.

And their collective advice is to tell no-one!

Yes, you want to shout out fork you to all those who have let you down in life but, the only way to really stay-in-that-rich-lane is to simply move on. 

Also, you still want to know who your true friends are so maybe do some challenges to see who likes you most. Think along the lines of cook me dinner because I don’t have money for food or get me a pair of shoes scenarios . . . not a Squid Game type of challenge, you still want friends right?

Changing lives forever

Many LOTTO winners have chosen to be the best versions of themselves after choosing the lucky numbers. 

Some have made low-risk investments, bought dream homes and even splurged cash on those they consider their besties!

However, there is a line and it must not be crossed. 

Before spending large amounts of cash, do some research and find ways to ensure that the moolah stays with you and your family for as long as possible. 

LOTTO winner to zero

There are hundreds of winners who have turned from lucky to unlucky as quickly as their Lamborghinis could start. From driving flashy cars and owning property that is beyond their LOTTO winnings many have become unstable fast. One couple from Johannesburg was living the life of flash. They had everything going for them after winning the millions. Nice people indeed. But, their biggest mistake was trying to double the winnings. They visited the casinos hoping to be lucky second-time round and they ended up renting flats in the end, taking public transport and borrowing clothes. True Story Alert!

Keep up in the LOTTO fast lane:

  • Do your homework, first! 
  • Stay grounded, having money does not mean you are now better than everyone!
  • Remember: Karma is watching . . . 
  • Understand who your TRUE friends and family are! 
  • Take low-risk investments. 
  • Create a business-plan for a legacy that will keep on giving. 
  • Give to a charity that is close to your heart. 
  • Make a no-loop-hole legal will, just in case. 
  • Always remember to spend wisely. 
  • Lavish is perfectly fine as long as it is not all of the time!

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