Sexual harassment case against

Sexual harassment case against ANC’s Marius Fransman reopened

The SAPS in Kimberley have reopened the case of sexual harassment against the ruling party’s Western Cape leader after text messages between Fransman and his accuser were discovered.

Sexual harassment case against

The Daily Maverick got hold of WhatsApp messages between Fransman and his 20 year-old accuser Louisa Wynand — sent just a few days before they were meant to travel together to the ANC’s birthday celebrations in Rustenburg – and sent them to the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA); who in turn gave them over to the Northern Cape Deputy Director of Public Prosecution.

Back in May the NPA decided to drop charges of sexual harassment against Fransman due to what they called a lack of evidence, but the messages depict a very different relationship between the two and don’t bode well for the Western Cape ANC leader.

Fransman is accused of sexually harassing and fondling Wynand, who he hired to work for him, earlier this year.Wynand claims he forced her to share a bed with him at a Road Lodge in Kimberley while travelling from Cape Town to Rustenburg.