Senzo Meyiwa trial

Former Bafana Bafana captain, Senzo Meyiwa. Photo: Austin Ogiza / Flickr

Senzo Meyiwa: Crime scene may have been contaminated, court hears

Today the court heard that all the delays that happened before the murder of Senzo Meyiwa was reported may have compromised the crime scene.

Senzo Meyiwa trial

Former Bafana Bafana captain, Senzo Meyiwa. Photo: Austin Ogiza / Flickr

Forensic Officer, Sergeant Thabo Mosia says the delays in reporting the murder of the late Senzo Meyiwa may have caused the crime scene to be contaminated. 

Mosia took to the witness stand on Monday when the trial resumed and continued at the Pretoria High Court


Mosia was the first officer to arrive at Kelly Khumalo’s home in Vosloorus where Meyiwa was murdered.  

On Monday, a confident Mosia insisted that the crime scene was not contaminated and he never believed that there was a possibility of this. However, on Tuesday, his affidavit which he wrote in 2019 to some extent contradicted his view.

Mosia said that he was informed of the incident by the late Major General Ndlovu who recently passed away, however, he was not given the address of the crime scene. He added that he was aware that it was Senzo Meyiwa who had been shot.

The five accused for the murder of Senzo Meyiwa. Photo: Nokwanda Ncwane

In his affidavit, Mosia said he was instructed by the late Ndlovu to go to the hospital where Meyiwa was rushed to following the shooting.

“I did not know the address of the crime scene when it was reported to me. I was told to go to hospital instead. All the delays before reporting the matter to the relevant role players may have compromised the crime scene,” Mosia said.

Defence lawyer Advocate Malesela Teffo refuted the State’s theory that two people entered the house to commit robbery. 

Teffo alleged that Meyiwa was killed by people who were inside the house. 


Teffo then referred to an indictment drafted by the Director of Public Prosecutions in the  South Gauteng division against the people who were in the house and their charges. 

The indictment stated that the relevant people who are supposed to appear before the court are:

Longwe Twala (accused 1), Kelly Khumalo (accused 2), Gladness Khumalo (accused 3) Zandie Khumalo (accused 4) Tumelo Madlala (accused 5) Mthokozisi Twala (accused 6) Maggie Phiri (accused 7). 

The 7 were accused of murder and defeating the ends of justice.

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The indictment further alleged that accused 1 – 6 after realising that Meyiwa was shot hatched a plan to say that armed robbers had entered the house and shot Meyiwa.

Accused 7 is said to have cleaned the scene prior to the arrival of the police while Meyiwa was rushed to hospital.  

Senzo Meyiwa scene
Singer, Kelly Khumalo. Photo: Twitter/@kellykhumaloza

“Initially, the Director of Public Prosecutions in the South Gauteng division was on track by drafting the indictment and wanting to pursue a case against the seven people who were in the house. Suddenly they stopped and no one knows why,” Teffo said. 

Earlier this month, music producer Sello “Chicco” Twala said his son, Longwe Twala, singer Kelly Khumalo and others who were present at Senzo Meyiwa’s murder, “know the truth” about who killed the soccer star in 2014. 

“My son, Kelly Khumalo and the others who were present know the truth. Someone cannot be shot in their presence and they are all silent about it. They know who killed Senzo Meyiwa; my son knows, Kelly knows and everyone else who was there knows,” he said.

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