Senzo Meyiwa trial

Kelly Khumalo, Senzo Meyiwa and Longwe Twala.
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JUST IN: Senzo Meyiwa murder trial postponed to 5 September 2022

The trial of the 5 men accused of the 5 men accused of murdering Senzo Meyiwa has been postponed to 5 September 2022.

Senzo Meyiwa trial

Kelly Khumalo, Senzo Meyiwa and Longwe Twala.
Images: Facebook, Twitter.

The trial of the five men accused of murdering Senzo Meyiwa has been postponed 5 September 2022 

The trial resumed on Monday, 13 June after it was adjourned. Counsel met on Wednesday to deliberate on a date for a postponement. 


Defence lawyer for accused 5, Adv Zandile Mshololo had requested for a postponement so that she can peruse the contents of the dockets and prepare her defence. 

Mshololo had earlier told the court that the dates (from Monday, 13 June to 17 June that are remaining for the sitting) are insufficient for her in order to prepare for cross examination.  

“Upon receiving the docket, there are particulars that are not contained in this docket. It has been sifted and I need to clarify all those issues with the State.”

Adv Zandile Mshololo

Defence lawyer who represents accused 1 to 4 in the matter, Adv Malesela Teffo and his instructing attorney, Thabiso Thobane said they are objecting to the lengthy postponement and it is not in the interest of justice. 

“If the second docket holds no merit, there is no need for a postponement,” Thobane said. 

On Monday, the court heard that the second docket into the murder of Meyiwa which names his then girlfriend and 6 others who were presented when he was murdered as suspects has no merit and was merely an internal opinion of a junior State advocate.

On Monday, Presiding Judge, Tshifhiwa Maumela said there is no denying that Adv Mshololo was not favoured with a copy of the docket at the appropriate time.

“This is why we are experiencing delays. With respect to accused number 5 the court is compelled to give a postponement of reasonable time.” 

Maumela further recommended that the trial should resume at a nearer date. 

Giving his ruling on Tuesday, Maumela said the court has to compare the rights of accused number 5 to a fair trial by way of giving way for his legal representative to prepare in reasonable time and the right for accused 1 to 4 to a speedy trial. 

“The court grants the application for postponement. I did request the parties before to try and find consensus around the dates.

“We only have September as the earliest time to which this matter can be postponed. Efforts should go forward in terms of trying to bring the trial earlier.”

Judge Maumela

Both State and defense counsel will return to the Pretoria High Court on 12 July 2022 to deliberate on issues raised in relation to the second docket in the matter.

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