Senzo Meyiwa trial

The late Senzo Meyiwa. Image: @Beyond90min.

Senzo Meyiwa trial: Media kicked out of proceedings AGAIN

The media was once again kicked out of the proceedings in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial after Tumelo Madlala’s face was allegedly shown.

Senzo Meyiwa trial

The late Senzo Meyiwa. Image: @Beyond90min.

Media houses were instructed to leave the proceedings at the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial after the face of State witness Tumelo Madlala was allegedly shown during a live broadcast. 

Presiding Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela had ruled that Madlala’s face should not be shown during the live broadcast of the trial and that pictures of him should not be taken following an incident where the witness was harassed by reporters from TV news channels on his first day in the witness box.


Before proceedings could resume shortly after the court had returned from the lunch adjournment, it was established that a camera of one of the TV channels had focused on Tumelo Madlala. 

State Prosecutor Advocate George Baloyi alleged that Madlala’s face was shown by the SABC during one of the adjournments. He then asked for a 10-minute adjournment in order for the media houses to establish who was responsible for the incident.

“We had a meeting with the media houses and had a look at the live feed and the particular footage doesn’t appear there,” he said.

Judge Maumela said they do not want to risk anyone’s life in this case.

“In this case we had an incident involving media houses which forced us to set rules and those rules apply. I am not continuing with this trial while the person is inside. I am not doing that,” he said.

“Whatever the effect in the extent of the footage that person should leave the courtroom now. If we don’t know who it is, all media is going out now..if they don’t know now let them excuse us so that we continue with this trial. We are not here at their beckoning we are here to do our job,” he added.

Proceedings continued without the presence of the media.

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A number of social media users questioned Maumela’s decision citing that Madlala is already known to the public and that he appeared on the Netflix docuseries Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star which he was paid for.

“Question remains, why did the judge ban all media houses because of mistakes of one media house? He could have banned that one media house instead,” @mooketsi_maruma tweeted.

“But we all know Tumelo’s face! He was all over Netflix, crying and limping! Bhod!!!” @uYonwabisa also tweeted.

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