Cape Town electricity meter

The councillor has now stepped aside from his role – Photo: Unsplash

Senior Cape Town official caught tampering with an electricity meter

You can’t do that: A Mayco Member for the City of Cape Town has stepped down in disgrace, after tampering with an electricity meter.

Cape Town electricity meter

The councillor has now stepped aside from his role – Photo: Unsplash

A top Councillor and Mayco Member for the City of Cape Town was forced to step down from his position this week, after he admitted to tampering with an electricity meter on one of his properties. Zahid Badroodien will further face a council disciplinary committee.

Cape Town Mayco Member steps down in shame

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis confirmed the news on Wednesday. Although he didn’t divulge too much information, it was revealed that Badroodien took the decision to remove himself from duty after the allegations were levelled.

Tampering with an electricity meter is an illegal practice, and it’s not yet clear what punishment the councillor will face outside of his internal disciplinary hearing. The devices can be manipulated, in order to lower the amount consumers must pay for their energy rates.

Badroodien had left a vacancy as Cape Town’s water and sanitation chief. That responsibility will now fall upon the shoulders of Siseko Mbandezi, who is currently the Mayco Member for finance. He’ll certainly have his hands full until a permanent replacement is appointed.

Cape Town electricity meter
An Eskom electricity meter, in all its glory – Photo: Flickr

Electricity meter tampering lands councillor in hot water

Mayor Lewis-Hill has made it clear that the conduct of this councillor falls extremely short of the standards expected in public office. The DA-run Cape Town metro prides itself on good governance and well-behaved representatives – and this spits in the face of their commitments.

“I have been informed by the speaker’s office that Councillor Zahid Badroodien is to face a council disciplinary committee to answer charges relating to the alleged tampering of an electricity meter at a property owned by him.”

“This is a council matter being dealt with by the speaker’s office. I am therefore not at liberty to comment on the charges against Councillor Badroodien, nor the disciplinary process to be followed. However, I have accepted his request to step down.” | Geordin Hill-Lewis