Senekal farm murder Free State Brendin Horner 2

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee

Senekal: EFF and Afriforum to stage counter-protests

Both the EFF and Afriforum have maintained that their demonstrations will be peaceful

Senekal farm murder Free State Brendin Horner 2

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee

There are fears of racial tensions soon coming to a head in Senekal in the Free State as members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Afriforum are expected to square off outside the town’s magistrate’s court on Friday, 16 October 2020, where two farm murder suspects are set to appear.

Law enforcement will be out in full force to ensure the situation does not get out of hand.

The killing of 21-year-old farm manager Brendin Horner unleashed a wave of unrest, particularly within the farming community, which had already been up in arms over the scourge. Farmers first stormed the Senekal Magistrate’s Court, where the duo was appearing, which led to chaos as a police vehicle was set alight.

The EFF subsequently entered the fray, accusing the farmers of exercising “white arrogance” and threatening the judiciary.

EFF and Afriforum maintain protests will be peaceful

Meanwhile the EFF and Afriforum, which are at the opposite ends of the fence, have both sworn off the violence and claim their respective demonstrations will be peaceful.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika ahead of the protest, the red berets Commander-In-Chief (CIC) Julius Malema said they would merely be protecting the country’s judiciary and democracy.

“So we really are not going to Senekal to sympathise with a thug, we are going to Senekal to protect our democracy, our constitution which is under threat by racist terrorist farmers who go and attack a court of law, storm a court of law and a police station and chase police around. That’s a declaration of war against the state,”

EFF Leader Julius Malema

The EFF leader said the farmers were threatening the constitution, which cannot be allowed.

“People fight in court, people beat each other in court, it is two individuals of different factions confronting one another, it’s a heated space, we understand that, but you cannot discharge a firearm in the corridors of judiciary and threaten directly the judiciary and say to the judiciary ‘bring this person to us, we want to finish off this person’ and when the judiciary says ‘he must go back to the cells’, you follow him to the cells against the wishes of the judiciary.”

EFF Leader Julius Malema

At the same time, Afriforum said it would be marching to show its anger and dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of farm attacks.

“AfriForum and violence-stricken communities have the absolute right to be enraged by murders such as the one on the young Brendin Horner, but AfriForum believes that it is important that the reasonable case to demand action against farm murders must not be polluted by those who want to discredit the fight against farm murders,” it said.