Suspects behind cellphone and wallet robberies in Johannesburg CBD have been found by undercover JMPD officers. PHOTO: JMPD

Security guard who led JMPD to JHB cellphone thieves ends up arrested

The security guard, who led the JMPD officers to CBD’s cellphone thieves, turned out to be their roommate.


Suspects behind cellphone and wallet robberies in Johannesburg CBD have been found by undercover JMPD officers. PHOTO: JMPD

A security guard who had led the Johannesburg metro police (JMPD) to a flat where cellphone thieves reside turned out to be involved in the crimes.

Five suspects behind robberies around the Joburg city centre were found by undercover metro police officers on Wednesday.

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During JMPD’s Buya Mthetho undercover crime prevention patrols, officers around Wanderers Taxi Rank were informed of suspects behind multiple robberies in the CBD.

The information led the officers to a block of flats in Hillbrow. Upon arrival, a security guard on the premises led officers to the flat. The officers approached the identified room where the suspects reside, said JMPD spokesperson Xolani Fihla.

“Two males were found and the room was searched. Several cellphones, wallets, ID documents, military uniform and brand-new shoes… were recovered by the officers.”

Xolani Fihla

The suspects could not account for all of the recovered goods, he said.

JMPD officers managed to retrieve a list of stolen items during an undercover operation. PHOTO: JMPD

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The suspects were arrested as well as the security guard. It turned out the two alleged thieves lived with the security guard, said Fihla.

The officers were then led to the basement of the building, where two other male accomplices lived.

Again, similar items were recovered, said Fihla.

“On arrival, officers found the two male suspects and searched the room. More cellphones, wallets, ID documents and registration plates were recovered. When verified, one of the registration plates tested positive for a blue Renault, which was hijacked in Chatsworth. Both those male suspects were also arrested,” said Fihla.

The suspects were taken to Hillbrow police station where they remained in custody.

But after profiling them, it was found that the suspects had pending and previous cases against them.

“These range from robbery, murder, hijacking and possession of unlicenced firearms.”

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