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Security guards fight off cash-in-transit robbers during foiled hijacking

These robbers were well and truly stopped in their tracks.


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Cash-in-transit robberies are currently dominating the South African crime discussions as South Africans are now fearing being close to a van more than ever before. With robbery after robbery taking place, these security guards managed to overcome the odds.

Two security guards were travelling in their cash-in-transit van as they headed from Grahamstown to Port Elizabeth on Monday night. They reached Nanaga at around 20:00 when the robbers pounced.

Police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge told IOL that two vehicles attempted to box in the van.

“A silver VW Polo attempted to slow down the vehicle from the front, while a silver Nissan NP300 bakkie with about nine armed suspects opened fire on the vehicle from behind and the side.”

“When the bakkie got next to the vehicle, the driver of the delivery vehicle managed to bump and push the Nissan bakkie until the driver of the bakkie lost control and left the road,” said Beetge.

The armoured vehicle went on to lose its tyre but the driver was still able to drive towards the Kinkelbos police station.

The police are still uncertain if the criminals fled into the bushes or were picked up by a third vehicle. The bakkie used by the attackers (a silver Nissan NP300) was used by the attackers and recovered later by police.

A forensic investigation is now taking place. Thankfully, none of the brave guards were injured and no money was taken.

Cash-in-transit robbery leaves the country shocked

Video footage of a cash-in-transit heist in Boksburg on Wednesday 18 May saw a group of five robbers have a full shootout with armed guards in Boksburg. Civilians were seen running for their lives but the robbers managed to blow up two vans and make off with large sums of cash.

The police acted fast, chased them down and eventually arrested seven men involved in the incident.