Marie Ostbo

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Marie Ostbo: Search for Norwegian student called off

Two weeks of an extensive search have yielded no clues.

Marie Ostbo

NSRI / Twitter

Police have called off the search for Norweigian student, Marie Ostbo, who went missing in the Garden Route town of Sedgefied last month.

The 21-year old disappeared shortly after arriving at the town on 18 April, after she and a group of fellow international students took a walk along the beach. Her absence was noticed by her friends after she failed to return to the backpackers lodge where they were staying.


Police spokesperson, Captain Malcom Pojie confirmed on Monday that the search had been called off after two weeks.

“The search was called of due to the fact that an extensive search after two weeks has yielded no results,” he said.

“All clues and allegations were followed up and resources had been exhausted.

“Patrols will be done periodically and we appeal to the public in the surroundings to come forward with any information that can assist Knysna SAPS to trace the missing girl.”

On the day after her disappearance, Ostbo’s belongings, a cellphone, a hat and her shoes were found on the beachfront, but no further breakthrough in the search was made.

Her father, Atle was hopeful that she would be found, although he feared that she may have been attacked prior to a possible abduction.

“I think she may have been attacked because she would never put away shoes‚ caps and mobile phones on the beach and bathe with the camera she just bought‚” he said.

According to EWNpolice say there is no suspicion of any foul play surrounding her disappearance.

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