Schweizer-Reneke FF Plus

Twitter / Isaac Mangena

Schweizer-Reneke: DA disaster, as they lose third ward in six months to FF Plus

It was battleground Schweizer-Reneke for the DA this week, but they have been mortally wounded. Their misery has become unmitigated joy for FF Plus.

Schweizer-Reneke FF Plus

Twitter / Isaac Mangena

The DA suffered a nightmare in North West this week as their bid to consolidate and build power in the province fell flat on its face. The Blues were pummelled across the board — and in Schweizer-Reneke — after losing a large chunk of their Afrikaans support to the FF Plus: The fifth-most popular party in Mzansi continues to grow after a successful election campaign in 2019.

The FF Plus (Freedom Front Plus, FF+, VF+) successfully snatched Ward 9 from the DA, and secured a majority of the votes in Schweizer-Reneke. Whereas the winners gained 27% more of the electorate’s backing, the DA’s plummeted by an eye-watering 41%. They took just 14% of the vote here, finishing third behind the ANC.

By-election results for Schweizer-Reneke, Ward 9:

Schweizer-Reneke became a national focus point one year ago. A photo which alleged black and white school pupils had been segregated, spread like wildfire across South Africa. The teacher involved was eventually cleared on any wrongdoing, but the DA made an enormous song and dance about the issue — it is believed that this cost them a lot of good will in the town: Here’s how the individual results panned out:

  • FF Plus: 51%
  • ANC: 26%
  • DA: 14%
  • EFF: 7%
  • AIC: 1%
  • Forum 4 Service Delivery: <1%

How the FF Plus have taken the DA’s support

As one would expect, the FF Plus are over the moon with their election results in Ward 9. The party issued a statement on Thursday morning, highlighting just how many DA voters have switched their allegiances:

“Since the 2016 municipal elections, the number of votes for the FF Plus increased with 87.5% while the DA lost 65% of its votes. The FF Plus also succeeded in expanding its support base in the Ward since the 2019 general elections. This is the third ward we have won off the DA in six months.

“Killian is an experienced councillor who will do everything in his power to serve and look after the interests of the residents of Ward 9. The Mamusa municipal council was dissolved by the provincial government — we will continue to build on this victory and will offer real solutions to the blight of poor service delivery.”

Schweizer-Reneke, North West by-election results: Winners and losers

In the meantime, nine other by-election results have been confirmed in North West — all show the ANC holding their seats in the Mamusa Municipality (which was dissolved on their watch). However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the opposition parties – and certainly not for the EFF.

The Red Berets have seen their support double and treble in key wards, and they’ve become the official opposition in a number of regions. In fact, their impressive performance will see them get the second-highest amount of allocated council seats, after Forum 4 Service Delivery watched their support evaporate.

Results from Thursday 16 January:

Ward 4 – Ipegeleng: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 66%
  • EFF: 29%
  • ATM: 2%
  • AIC: 2%
  • DA: 1%
  • Summary: This is the ward where the ANC did best in 2016, EFF doubled their support

Ward 3 – Amalia Molatswaneng: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 59%
  • EFF: 33%
  • AIC: 3%
  • DA: 2%
  • FS4D: 1%
  • Summary: EFF triple their support, replace F4SD as official opposition. ANC vote up 6%

Ward 16 – Welgeval, Moses Kotane: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 76%
  • EFF: 24%
  • Summary: Predictable result in a two-horse race.

Ward 7 – Ipegeleng Mornay: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 57%
  • EFF: 32%
  • F4SD: 4%
  • ATM: 4%
  • AIC: 2%
  • DA: 1%
  • Summary: Another huge EFF surge. Red Berets replace the collapsing F4SD as official opposition.

Ward 1 – Mogdol Glaudina: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 49%
  • EFF: 44%
  • FF Plus: 3%
  • DA: 2%
  • Summary: ANC won by just 85 votes. More EFF growth, ran the top-dogs extremely close. DA lose third place.

Ward 6 – Ipegeleng: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 62%
  • EFF: 27%
  • F4SD: 4%
  • ATM: 4%
  • DA: 3%
  • Summary: Again, EFF become official opposition, replacing F4SD. ANC support drops by 6%.

Ward 5 – Ipegeleng Amalia: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 52%
  • EFF: 34%
  • FF Plus: 4%
  • AIC: 3%
  • F4SD: 3%
  • DA: 2%
  • Summary: ANC lose 17% of their vote, EFF up by 23%. FF Plus leapfrog DA again

Ward 8 – Ipegeleng: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 61%
  • EFF: 35%
  • F4SD, ATM, AIC, DA: 1% each
  • Summary: 15% of voters emigrated from the ANC to the EFF here.

Ward 2 – Ipegeleng: ANC HOLD

  • ANC: 74%
  • EFF: 19%
  • Ind-Dire: 4%
  • DA, AIC: 1%
  • F4SD: >1%
  • Summary: ANC’s best result. Also encapsulates F4SD’s demise. Local party lost nearly all of its 34% vote share.