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Mmusi Maimane calls for national ‘school stay-away’ on Friday

Mmusi Maimane and One SA Movement is calling on all teachers and learners to partake in a school stay-away on Friday 10 July.

Maimane DA ANC

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Leader of One SA Movement Mmusi Maimane, together with the organisation is calling for a national “school stay-away” on Friday 10 July. The movement is encouraging teachers and learners across the country to stay at home in protest of the decision to reopen schools. 

Maimane and the movement have always been of the view that schools should reopen after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the interest of learners and teacher’s lives. 


Maimane took to Twitter on Tuesday 7 July to announce the plan. 

“After consultation with stakeholders, I today announce the One SA Movement call for a National #SchoolStayAway this coming Friday 10 July. We call on teachers and learners to stay home on Friday in protest of the decision to reopen schools before COVID-19 infections have peaked,” he said. 

Maimane said all those who believe schools are unsafe and should continue to remain closed until basic safety measures are in place, can now take back their power. This comes after many schools reported shortages of basic resources.

“Now is your time to take back your power from government and stay home on Friday 10 July. Our demand is clear; Minister Motshekga must reverse her decision to reopen schools,” added Maimane. 


The call for the national school stay-away comes after the Pretoria High Court dismissed Maimane’s submission that schools should not reopen before the peak. 

One SA Movement released a statement after the ruling was handed down on Wednesday 1 July, expressing its disappointment. Despite the court’s decision, the movement said it would continue its fight against the reopening of schools. 

“We are disappointed in the outcome but will continue to advocate for safer schools as the numbers are rising every day,” it said. 

“It is the poorest schools that will continue to suffer and remain closed, while affluent schools reopen, only deepening inequality in both access to and quality of education. The fact is that all schools are not ready to safely reopen, and doing so has already put in danger the lives of students, teachers and support staff as COVID-19 infections continue to rise,” it added.  

The movement said it would continue to advocate for safe schools on behalf of the 190 000 people who signed its petition.

“Our #SafeSchools WhatsApp line is still open and we have already received feedback from hundreds of South Africans of schools that are not yet safe and ready to reopen,” it added