Scholar transport driver school

Drivers of Scholar transport should keep to the laws of the road. Photo:

Scholar transport: More than a ride, it’s your child’s life

Drivers of Scholar transport should keep to the laws of the road.

Scholar transport driver school

Drivers of Scholar transport should keep to the laws of the road. Photo:

The City of Cape Town appeals to drivers of scholar transport toe remember they hold the lives of many children in their hands.


The City also appealed to parents to do your due diligence and check the credentials of your chosen service provider, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

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Smith said any person or company that offers a scholar transport service is required by law to have an operating permit, a public driving permit (PrDP) and a roadworthy vehicle, among others.

Permits could be obtained through the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works, and the City’s enforcement agencies enforce compliance.

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“Sadly, scholar transport is often overlooked until an incident captures the headlines.”

Alderman JP Smith

He said thousands of children are ferried to and from school daily by service providers – some more law-abiding than others. 

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“As we start this new academic year, I appeal to the drivers to do right by the many children whose lives they hold in their hands daily.

Here are more tips from the Department of Transport:

  • Check your service provider’s credentials, including permits and driving license
  • Ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Have the contact details of the driver available
  • Familiarise yourself with the parents/caregivers of other children using the transport service
  • Start a WhatsApp group in case of an emergency
  • Sensitize your child on personal safety and to report any suspicious behaviour

In 2022, Cape Town Traffic officers held 34 scholar transport operations at 52 schools around the metro pole.

During these operations, they issued 7649 fines and impounded 116 vehicles.

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“Among the challenges faced by enforcement staff is that some operators overload their vehicles, allow unlicensed drivers behind the wheel, and transport learners in unroadworthy vehicles without the necessary operating permits.”

Alderman JP Smith

Smith said apart from being fined and having their vehicles impounded, operators can lose their operating licence.


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“Operators can also be arrested for operating with fraudulent documentation.

“Reckless and negligent driving too may result in arrest and the impoundment of their vehicle.”

Alderman JP Smith

Residents can phone 021 480 77 00 from a cell phone and 107 from a landline to report any criminal activity or emergency.