SASSA grants

[FILE] A backlog of R350 grant payments is causing a nightmare for SASSA – Photo: Twitter

Visiting SASSA? Grant recipients can now only go on certain days of the week

SASSA has switched things up a bit regarding social grants after the move to adjusted Level 4 lockdown. Here’s what you need to know.

SASSA grants

[FILE] A backlog of R350 grant payments is causing a nightmare for SASSA – Photo: Twitter

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has adopted a risk-adjusted approach to working arrangements at local offices regarding social grants after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address and the move to adjusted Level 4 lockdown. 

Factors that influenced this approach include limiting the numbers of staff in a local office to only 1/3 of the workforce and the ongoing need for social distancing in compliance with COVID-19 protocols.  


Social grant services at local SASSA offices are now rendered as follows: 

  • Monday: Old Age Pension Grant applications; 
  • Tuesday: Disability Grant applications; 
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Child support, Care Dependency and Foster  child grant applications; 
  • Friday: reserved for appointments overflow from the week. 

There will also be no services related to card issuing, re-issuing or PIN resets undertaken at local offices. Clients are, instead, encouraged to visit their nearest Post Offices for these services

Children are also not allowed at agency offices during the lockdown period. 

Clients are encouraged to utilise the SASSA website to apply for Disability Grants, Old Age Grant and Child Support Grants online. Furthermore, the online booking system for disability grants is now active and clients can book by visiting or


SASSA, in a statement, said it is disturbed by the increasing number of people camping outside SASSA offices. 

“We wish to alert the public of fake messages making the rounds on social media, targeting unemployed persons. A message has been shared on social media platforms recently, leading some people to believe that SASSA is issuing food vouchers of R750 to unemployed persons,” it said.  

“These reports are not true and are misleading the public and might lead to a  massive resurgence of infections as a result of people converging at SASSA  offices in large numbers,” it added.  

The agency urged the public to exercise caution to not to be duped by hoax messages.  

“We appeal to the public to be vigilant if people are uncertain about information purporting to be from SASSA,” it said. 

For further details pertaining to general social grant enquiries, contact SASSA Customer Care Call Centre numbers: 033-846-3400 or 0800-60-10 -11.