SASSA grant queues legal action

Photo: Aphumelele Mdlalane / SABC

SASSA face legal action, as huge crowds swell at pay-points [photos]

Heartbreaking scenes, here. Queues and crowds have formed around the block on Monday, as SASSA grant recipients were made to wait for hours.

SASSA grant queues legal action

Photo: Aphumelele Mdlalane / SABC

SASSA is facing legal action at the hands of the Democratic Alliance, after a decision to keep their offices closed during lockdown – and at a time when a new grant will be launched – backfired on them.

Huge crowds gather for social grants

The political party had planned to force Lindiwe Zulu’s department to open their doors, regardless of how the first day of increased payments went this month. However, a chronic lack of preparation and social distancing at key payment hubs caused crowds to swell earlier on Monday – something that could have deadly consequences as the country fights against disease.

The crux of the criticism towards SASSA is that they spent more time trying to get elderly and disabled recipients to resolve their issues online. However, this campaign – which also favoured sending ‘volunteer armies’ into communities – has shown just how ill-prepared the social development ministry has been.

Legal action pending for SASSA, Lindiwe Zulu

Bridget Masango is the shadow minister for SASSA. She confirmed that the DA will ‘see Lindiwe Zulu in court’:

“The DA’s lawyers will now launch a court application to compel government to open SASSA offices. The Minister has failed to do the right thing. With the announcement of the special R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant, SASSA would’ve no doubt experienced increased pressure on its limited resources during this time.”

“The DA has continuously requested the opening of SASSA offices to assist vulnerable people during the global health crisis. And time and again the Minister has ignored not only the pleas of the Party, but she also seems deaf to the cries of desperation sounding in the streets.”

Scenes on the street: SASSA grant recipients stand in crowds, long queues to receive their money – [photos/videos]: