South Africa’s list of top kil

South Africa’s list of top killers has a new addition

Up from number seven to number three on SA’s list of top killers, this one takes its time and more often than not you don’t even know it’s stalking you.

South Africa’s list of top kil

You’d think our fair nation’s list of top killers would feature a Cape Town gang, or perhaps some arb serial killer in some lost corner of the country. Well, nope.

Moving up from number seven to number three, it’s a bigun. HIV. Yup, HIV, believe it or not, has been hovering around the number seven spot, below car accidents, THE FLU, actual violent deaths involving injury and even pneumonia. The figures were released by Statistics SA yesterday.

The good news though, is that this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more deaths related to HIV. Instead, the number of recorded HIV deaths has increased, meaning the number of people actually diagnosed or who come forward saying they have disease has increased.

Thing is, Ebola is bad, but we have bigger fish to fry back home. A total of 458 933 South Africans died in 2013, with Tuberculosis coming in as the number one killer in the country. Incidentally, were sending medical assistance as part of our AU duties in Africa, when 44% of all deaths inside SA take place IN hospitals.

Maybe it’s worth having a look at redirecting some attention to the state of our own medical services before we spend money on foreign soil. You know what they say… you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself first.

HIV Death

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