Edward Kieswetter SARS commissioner

SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter. Image: OECDtax/Flickr

Sars’ new multilingual tax terminology will assist people in 11 languages

Sars has launched a multilingual tax terminology publication that will help traders and taxpayers in various languages in South Africa.

Edward Kieswetter SARS commissioner

SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter. Image: OECDtax/Flickr

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has launched a multilingual tax terminology. The new launch aims to ensure the inclusion of all non-English speaking people in South Africa.

What is the new multilingual tax terminology published by Sars?

Commissioner for Sars Edward Kieswetter that through this new initiative, Sars is hoping to provide more certainty and clarity to taxpayers. All 11 official languages will be accessible to citizens.

The tax terminology publication boasts over 450 tax-related terms that have been translated into all of South Africa’s official languages. Kieswetter revealed that integrating all 11 official languages in its system will allow the preservation of languages.

Sars hopes to build trust with traders and taxpayers

“For centuries language in our country has always been an issue of major public interest and national policy. Some languages are on the verge of extinction because their speakers were decimated or assimilated into other cultures.”

Edward Kieswetter, Sars Commissioner

Kieswetter went on to speak about the government addressing the issue since 1994. He explained that language allows individuals and communities to build bridges with each other. In the case of Sars, trust can be built and services for taxpayers and traders will be improved.

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The tax terminologies’ translation will assist taxpayers and traders as better understandings of the words will be available. This, according to Kieswetter, will promote the effective collection of tax.

Employees will also be better equipped to assist people

In terms of its staff, Kieswetter stated that employees will be better equipped to assist customers. Tax-related matters will be easily related for people to understand in their own language.

Kieswetter explained that Sars’ new publications was made possible through the Department of Arts and Culture and 140 contributors.

“The work we do at Sars touches the lives of all citizens, especially the poor and vulnerable. Through the revenue we collect which enables the government to provide basic services such as social grants, education and healthcare, he said.”

He went on to add that South Africans should all be able to understand Sars’ role, reports TimesLIVE. Explaining that an important way to do so is by translating and assisting people in South Africa in their own language.

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