Sandton City

A shot of the Sandton skyline, from October 2021 – Photo: RCKR88 / Flickr

‘Accounts are up to date’: Sandton City disputes R158 million debt

Sandton City said their accounts are up to date. Water and electricity were cut off on Wednesday by the City of Johannesburg.

Sandton City

A shot of the Sandton skyline, from October 2021 – Photo: RCKR88 / Flickr

Sandton City, one of the most luxurious shopping centres in Gauteng has disputed reports that it owes the City of Johannesburg R158 million for water and electricity. 

On Wednesday, the City of Johannesburg also embarked on a revenue collection drive similar to the City of Tshwane’s #TshwaneYaTima revenue collection campaign. Tshwane has disconnected water and electricity to government departments, commercial businesses and universities who were defaulting on their municipal accounts.


On Wednesday, City of Johannesburg officials confirmed that nine buildings – including office parks and municipal venues were targeted in Sandton, which owes a staggering R158 million to the metro.

“The City has issued notices of termination of services and the organisations we will be visiting today have been given 14 days to respond with the option to settle the outstanding amount or make arrangements for settlement.

“Nine buildings will be visited today in the City’s efforts to recover some of the biggest municipal debts. There’s over R38bn in municipal debt that is owed to the City, the biggest debt belonging to Sandton City of R158m.”

City of Johannesburg

In a statement, the shopping centre said the owners are aware of the social media comments relating to the drive embarked on by the City of Johannesburg to terminate services to properties that are in any arrears.

“Our municipal accounts are all up to date except that there is currently a dispute with the City of Johannesburg regarding the rates & taxes for the centre.

“Sandton City & the CoJ have agreed to hold over legal proceedings instituted by the CoJ in respect of  outstanding rates & taxes pending the finalisation of the Valuation Appeal Board hearing to determine the correct valuation of Sandton City for rates purposes,” the shopping centre said.

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