SANDF bakeries

SANDF officials showcase the launch of the Army Support Base Potchefstroom. Photo: SANDF

Bake your day: From soldiers to bakers, SANDF bakery launched

“Bake your day”
The South African Defence Force aren’t just soldiers. It seems they’re also in the business of running a SANDF bakery or two.

SANDF bakeries

SANDF officials showcase the launch of the Army Support Base Potchefstroom. Photo: SANDF

An SANDF bakery? No, you aren’t reading that wrong. Our South African Defence Force take a lot of flack. Some of it’s justified, sometimes it’s people laughing in horror as a soldier completely messes up a salute. South Africans are sure to be more than a little confused when they discover our troops’ latest business venture.

SANDF bakery: From bombs to baked goods

The SANDF has just launched the 6th bakery service in the South African army. Like with most things, budget cuts and mismanagement have hit hard. The SANDF has now turned to bakeries to keep soldiers fed and make a bit of money.

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The new bakery was opened at the Army Support base Potchefstroom. Soldiers were pictured working with large-scale ovens and baking all kinds of goods.

SANDF bakery
SANDF officials inspect the 6th SSNDF bakery. Photo: SANDF

The bakery service’s slogan? Well, none other than “Bake my day”.

The bakery will also work with local markets to benefit nearby communities.

“Sanlam and Liberty pledged to support and collaborate with the SA National Defence Force in assisting communities to develop businesses to create jobs, amongst others like the Mobile Fresh Market as part of the farming projects of Koba-Tlala.”

SANDF Captain Desiree Boipelo Kolokoto

Mabena the bread maker

So if you do get your hands on some bread from the SANDF bakery, just make sure it wasn’t baked by “Mabena”.

If you don’t remember the name, he was the soldier who went viral and was roasted by the entire nation. Why? Because it just kept on disappointing during training drills. Unfortunately for Mabena, all his worries were caught on camera.

Then again, while Mabena might not have been very useful out on the battlefield. He might be a damn good baker.
We’ll wait for the people of Potchefstroom to send us their reviews.