SACP mum on 2019 elections. Is

SACP mum on 2019 elections. Is it tickets for the Tripartite Alliance?

Looks like Nzimande’s bolsheviks are growing tired of playing by the ANC’s rules.

SACP mum on 2019 elections. Is

The South African Communist Party has neither confirmed nor denied that it will be contesting the 2019 general elections on its own, but rather said it would be discussing its options during Thursday’s central committee meeting.

Calls for a separation from the ANC in the coming elections grew louder following the alliance’s dismal results post-August 3, with Limpopo, the Eastern Cape and North West pushing for a split.

The communists currently uses its own support base to bolster the ANC, alongside Cosatu, when it comes to elections, but if the party decides to go at it alone it take with it a fat chunk of alliance voters.

“We already have our own support base. We are contributing this support base behind the votes for the African National Congress,” the party’s Alex Mashilo said.