DA responds to SAA bailouts

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SAA: Here’s why the DA is asking all South Africans ‘to write to their banks’

It may be a bit of an odd request but the DA is urging all South Africans to write to their banks regarding SAA. Here’s why.

DA responds to SAA bailouts

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) is urging all South Africans to write to their banks regarding South African Airways (SAA). The party has even developed a new webpage with a prepared letter that citizens can use to email their bank’s CEO. The question is why? 


The DA said it would, on Tuesday, launch an online effort to get all South Africans to write to their bank to demand that they stop all further support for SAA. DA Shadow Minister of Finance Geordin Hill-Lewis said the party is committed to mobilising all South Africans to stop the further use of public funds to bail out SAA. 

“We believe it is morally wrong to prioritise SAA over other far more urgent public spending priorities. So many families have lost their jobs and livelihoods in recent months, and public services face massive cuts. To cut education, or healthcare, or social support at a time like this, to fund SAA, is indefensible,” said Hill-Lewis. 

The DA said part of the reason SAA has been able to continue this long is thanks to the massive loans extended to SAA by South Africa’s major banks. 

“All of these loans are guaranteed by the government, and therefore by the public, who eventually has to pay them back. This is just a bailout by stealth. The extension of these loans is not ethical business practice by the major banks,” said Hill-Lewis. 


Hill-Lewis said South African banks are known for not lending money to entrepreneurs and small businesses, however, they have been comfortable in granting loans to SAA because if the airline defaults on payments, their loans to SAA are guaranteed by the government. 

“We encourage everyone to take part in this campaign and share it on social media to get the message out. The more pressure the banks feel, the more likely they are to decide to act ethically and stop their illegitimate support for SAA,” he said. 

“Banks should know that in helping to bail out SAA, they do not have the support of the South African public and their clients,” he added. 

The DA’s webpage can be found here. It has also included the contact details of all bank CEO’s offices, for convenience.

“South Africans can also draft their own emails, and use the contact details to send them off,” he added.