Body cameras

Image via: @TrafficRTMC / Twitter

Smile! Traffic cops to get body cameras, drones ahead of Easter weekend

South African traffic officers will be watching motorists like hawks as they will be equipped with body cameras ahead of the Easter weekend.

Body cameras

Image via: @TrafficRTMC / Twitter

Motorists be warned! You can’t talk yourself out of any traffic violations this Easter because traffic officers will be issued with body cameras that will record your every move.

Traffic officers will be issued with body cameras to “support them in evidence gathering and improve the conviction rate for violations of traffic laws”. In a statement, the department said the use of e-enforcement will enhance road safety for all road users, especially motorists.

The announcement was made in the North West on Monday 29 March, where the Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula kicked off the 2021 Easter Road Safety campaign to promote responsible road use during Easter.

“The Road Traffic Management Corporation has taken a giant leap towards reinventing law enforcement by introducing a lasting solution to many law enforcement problems in the form of a body-worn camera to be used by officers.”

Each and every interaction with traffic officers will from now on be recorded on the body cameras.


The Road Traffic Management Corporation will also be investing in drones to assist in identifying hazards on the roads and to identify motorists who are driving recklessly at unacceptably high speeds, it announced on Twitter.

Law enforcement will be using drone technology such as the one pictured below. This drone can travel a distance of 10km from the location where it’s being operated or controlled.


Chairperson of the Road Traffic Management Corporation, Zola Majavu, talking about the body camera technology advancement for traffic law enforcement, said the first purpose was to gather data.

“The first purpose is to gather data which will inform future deployments; how we will deploy our resources and any other lessons to be learned.”

He added that the camera’s will not only be used to record transgressions.

“The second part is about enforcing the rules and giving us that data to be used in a court of law.” On Monday police gave a demonstration on how the body-camera will be worn and used.

Meanhwhile speaking at the Easter road safety campaign, Deputy Minister of Transport Dikeledi Magadzi said the majority of lives lost during Easter are pedestrians.

“Many a life has been lost by those who undermine the lives of others with their conduct, it’s therefore unacceptable. The four days of the Easter weekend is when we lose no more than 230 lives each year. We should say this year, no lives lost if possible.”

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